OHAA Senior Safe Tai Chi™ Instructors

Eugene Gaudreau – OHAA Master Instructor

Eugene Gaudreau

Eugene has life-long experience in the study of Oriental history, culture, philosophy, as well as martial arts. From 1988 through 1998, he traveled extensively in China, studying with Shaolin priests in Guangzhou, with Doctor Shi, Head of Acupuncture for Shanxi Province, and Yang Zhen-duo, the son of Yang-Chenfu, the most famous practitioner of Classical Yang Style Tai Chi. He is licensed to practice Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). In addition to maintaining a private practice in TCM, he teaches Tai Chi at the Oriental Culture Institute. Learn more about Eugene here!


James Winner

James Winner, OHAA Chief Instructor

Jim started his personal Tai Chi practice in 1997 and continues as a student and teacher. In 1998, he traveled to Nepal, Tibet, and China for three weeks to study healing practices and Tai Chi. He started teaching in 2005 after retiring from the corporate world. He has been teaching at senior centers in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. His goal is to share this knowledge with others and have them feel the same benefits that he has received from Tai Chi and Yoga. He is also a certified instructor of Integral Yoga® and has a black belt in the first degree in Shaolin Kenpo.


Greta Nilsen – OHAA Senior Instructor

Greta Nilsen

Greta has been called a “Renaissance Woman”.   She has a BS in Management from Boston State College.   She has been a student of Tai Chi since 1995, and a Certified OHAA instructor since 2009.  She is a Reiki Practitioner.  She has worked in retail establishments, health insurance, has been a Contracts Administrator, and a dog walker.  She has also worked in the theatrical world as a Stage Manager and constructing wardrobes and sets.  So she knows her way around a sewing machine, paint brush and a circular saw.  In her spare time, she does home repairs, gardens, and takes yoga.  She says “Each new experience can add to your life, so never stop trying new things and you will never be bored”.


Robert Cormier – OHAA Senior Instructor

Robert Cormier

Bob started his training in the Martial Arts in 1994 and has attained a forth degree black belt rating in Uechi-ryu, an Okinawan karate system. He started practicing the Tai Chi Yang long form in 1999. In 2002, he acquired a relatively unknown style of Tai chi called “Liu He Ba Fa” and taught it at the Billerica and Chelmsford, MA COA's from 2004 through June of 2006. At this time, he started his training with Gene Gaudreau in the Yang style and the OHAA Senior Program. In February of 2007, he became an assistant instructor with OHAA and helped with the classes at the Burlington and Bedford, Mass COA's. In December of 2011, he became a certified instructor with OHAA and has achieved the title of “Senior Instructor” with more than 500 hours of class time. He currently teaches classes in Burlington, Bedford, Tewksbury and Lowell, Massachusetts.


Marcia Wyman

Marcia Wyman – OHAA Instructor 

Marcia took up Tai Chi in 1997 under the Red Lotus  School. Throughout the years, she has increased her knowledge through the Boston Healing Tao Center , the Oriental Healing Arts Association and various Masters. She received her Primordial Sound Meditation training from Deepak Chopra in 2000. 

Marcia holds a B.A. in Business from New England College.  She is a member of the International Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan Association.


Ben Daviss

Ben Daviss – OHAA Instructor 








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